We Are MAROON VAULT - The small Industrial Design company who built a giant drone! 

We are a Product Design and Vehicle Concept Design Company based in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. We have designed and worked with notable companies such as Suzuki Motor Company, Kia Motor Company, Company Films for Renault Motors, Hawker Beechcraft, LG Electronics, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Mattel and more. 

DRONE PROJECT | The Crossbow

The Crossbow Drone is our Halo Project, something to showcase our design skills; we are known for designing aesthetically pleasing products, but this time, we wanted to show that we can design something very complicated with very little. I came up with the task to build a giant drone specifically designed to aid with Search & Rescue for our booth at CES 2018. 


We have received a great amount of support and positive feedback from those who saw our drone project and would like us to continue with further development. We plan to go to Kickstarter.com and create a campaign in order to raise funding for parts and more safety features for our drone project.