As we start prepping for our next test flight, we have set incremental goals to achieve. We will add a more efficient cooling system to our power supply, add two more battery packs and larger gauge cables.

For the electronics, we will create a few different throttle profiles and test which will perform better under heavy loads. Our current profile is non linear which performs quite well when the Crossbow is not loaded. However, this profile seems to have a bit more lag with input response when carrying a weight. Our next test should help us determine a more optimal throttle curve for both scenarios. 

Next on our list is to add more weight to the Crossbow and test its weight capacity further. During our last test, we achieved a partial load test of 138.8 lbs. We hope to increase this weight a bit more until we achieve a real-world load test at 100% throttle. 

We are also planning to add two more motors and propellers to the Crossbow in order to increase it’s payload efficiency— meaning achieving the same heavy payloads while decreasing the need for throttle input. This will help maintain greater power reserves incase more power is needed for a quick altitude change or obstacle avoidance while in flight.   

More to come. Stay tuned!